Parasailing is a recreational activity where one is towed behind a prime mover (As a boat) and attains flight of hundreds of feet above ground. The volunteer of this sport is also known as a parasailist. This is a low cost also sport offering arrived adventure at low risk simple and popular activity. This sport is popular all over world over water also known as Aqua parasailing. In India this sport is widely practiced over land unlike the rest of the world. In land based parasailing there can be only one person under the canopy. In Aqua base parasailing there can be two or more persons under a single canopy.


There are four main parts of a parasail. The Canopy, The harness, The Connecting Yoke and the Tow Rope.


The Parasailing volunteer wears a harness. Harness is attached to the canopy. Harness/ Canopy is connected to the rope using the yoke. Rope for the other end is attached to the Jeep/ Boat.


The Parasailing volunteer gets ready with equipment and is checked by the Instructor before the launch. Then two support team members hold the canopy from stabilizer panel on both sides. The prime mover then is slowly driven, the volunteer, support team members holding the canopy walk/run along with the speed of the prime mover. Once the canopy is fully inflated and starts producing lift the support team members leave the canopy. As the parasail starts lifting the speed of the prime mover are increased and the volunteer gets Airborne the height gained to the full length of the rope can be sustained depending upon the ground available for driving the prime mover.


To bring the volunteer down the prime mover is gradually slowed keeping tension on the descending canopy. When the prime mover is brought to a complete halt the volunteer lands. This is followed by the support team members unhooking the canopy and the rope from the harness.


There are limiting factors in this recreational activity, such as the weight of the volunteer, the quality of the equipment and the ability of the instructor. In IPF we ensure safety and try to minimise the risk factors by taking adequate steps Like use of proper certified international quality equipment. IPF has qualified and trained instructor. As on date we are proud of our safety records with no incidents/accidents and no injury to any of our trainees.


IPF primarily conduct

  • Parasailing,
  • Acqua Parasailing,
  • Sports Parachuting,
  • Skydiving,
  • Tandem Skydiving,
  • Paragliding,
  • Tandem Paragliding

besides other Aerosports & adventure activities.

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